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  • Creating a contact form

    Now we have our Contact Service email service and Contact Form email template. Let’s create a simple HTML form and send its content by email.

    You can obtain your user ID from the Account page in the EmailJS dashboard (don’t forget to remove the brackets <>). After filling the fields and sending the request we should find the new email in our personal inbox. If you can’t find it take a look at the spam folder.

    So what did we do?

    First, we load our EmailJS SDK
    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn.emailjs.com/sdk/2.1.0/email.min.js"></script>

    Second, we initialize the SDK with our user ID
    emailjs.init("<YOUR USER ID>");

    Third, we submit our contact form and send it through EmailJS, using our Contact Service and Contact Form:
    emailjs.sendForm('contact_service', 'contact_form', this);

    That’s it!

    You now have a contact form that sends all submissions to your inbox via your own Gmail account.